Culinary Tour from Marrakech to the Mountains, Morocco

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Everywhere you look, there's something exotic and sensuous around every corner. It's hard to find words to describe this magical place, but the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes are simply mesmerizing! From the moment you land in Marrakech, it's as if you've been transported to an exotic new world. With so much history and beautiful scenery around us, we'll explore it all, and I hope you like surprises because I have several in store for you! 

Discover the magic and flavors of Morocco.

Throughout our week together, we'll enjoy luxurious accommodations and sumptuous food. At the same time, we can immerse ourselves in Moroccan landscapes, history, and culture, from the colorful and bustling streets and architectural sites of Marrakech to the impressive Atlas Mountains and lush terraces and hillsides of the Ourika Valley. We'll stay at a gorgeous property just minutes from the ramparts of the Medina--or old city center-- where we can meander the narrow passageways and discover local shops selling everything from spices and preserved lemons to slippers and hand-painted pottery. Then we'll visit the famous souks, where I've found some of my favorite treasures!

As this is a culinary adventure, we'll spend quality time in the kitchen!  I'm thrilled to join my Moroccan friends in showing you how to prepare some of the country's most beloved dishes. Get ready to master a foolproof method for creating the lightest couscous you've ever tasted! We'll also demonstrate how to combine Morocco's fresh ingredients and spices to create a tantalizing tagine, slow-cooked over a charcoal fire in traditional clay braziers!

But there's more to Morocco than meets the eye, and I'm eager to show you some hidden gems. Once we've taken in the wonders of Marrakech, we'll venture into the country's Atlas Mountains and Ourika Valley. We'll take in breathtaking scenery as we make our way to some of my favorite spots, such as an herb farm where we can learn how to make traditional Berber bread that we'll bake in a wood-fire clay oven. These hidden gems are not just about the places, but the experiences they offer.  There's so much to see and do in this region, so we'll turn it into an adventure and spend the night at a charming place in the heart of it all. From here, we can venture into the Ourika Valley to discover saffron fields, visit an argan oil cooperative, walk through a village that feels like time has stopped, and weave through a bustling outdoor Berber market.

I'm always excited to plan these tours, but this one has me giddy and I can't wait to share this enchanting part of the world with you. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime!


* Price based on double occupancy. Limited availability for sIngle occupancy rooms.  Single supplement charge applies for solo travelers. Airfare not included. Deposit of $2000.00 per person required to secure a spot.  Please read the tour terms linked here.


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Marrakech offers a vast number of incredible hotel options.  There is something for everyone, from traditional riads in the heart of the bustling Medina to palatial luxury resorts.  I love to treat guests to unique lodging experiences, and riads certainly deliver!  Imagine centuries-old homes that used to accommodate royalty and wealthy families, with elaborate architectural details like tile mosaics, intricate carvings, geometric patterns, and floral motifs, all built around the heart of the house-- the courtyard.  Additionally, riads often incorporate arches and columns, adding to the overall grandeur and elegance of the space. Riads are works of art, and these days, many have been lovingly restored and transformed into luxurious hotels. 

Our journey in Marrakech begins at a magnificent riad, a hidden gem with a lush courtyard oasis, indoor and outdoor pools, a spacious sun terrace, and well-appointed rooms.  Riad Nashira is a tranquil retreat for rejuvenation, yet it also serves as a gateway to the city's vibrant history. Located just a short stroll away from major attractions like Medersa Ben Youssef, the Marrakech Museum, the Souk, and the iconic Jemaa el-Fnaa Square, it offers the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration.

Yet, I have planned a special outing to take us away to another blissful place.  For the last two nights of our adventure, we'll head to the Atlas Mountains and stay at another lovely property, Kasbah Bab Ourika, just a short drive away from fabulous sites.  This boutique hotel,  is the perfect place to soak up a different side of Moroccan life, enjoy warm berber hospitality, and bask in the stunning landscape. Perched on a hilltop at the apex of the Ourika Valley, it looks down to the river, green fields and groves of olives, oranges and lemons, and up to the dazzling snowy Mountain peaks. Yet, we'll still have an easy commute back to Marrakech when our tour concludes.

Please note:  These are two fabulous properties, yet if you want to take things up a notch, please inquire about room upgrade availability.

Morocco is a feast for the senses.  Picture spices piled into high conical peaks, sands shifting on the Sahara, terraced hillsides next to snow-capped mountains, frothy mint tea, and feeling welcomed like a warm hug.  Whole cities are painted blue, tasty morsels steam bake in earthenware tagine pots, and camels bleat as they traverse the desert.  It's an intoxicating place, and together with my Moroccan associate, we've gathered our favorite flavors, sensations and destinations.

We won't need to go far for some of the best Moroccan experiences, and this tour is about immersing ourselves in the culture.  Our knowledgeable guide will take us through the famous "souks" (markets) and visit historical sites and marvels of architecture like the extraordinary Bahia Palace.  We can even join in on the evening excitement around Jemaa el-fna square.  

Then, we'll venture to another blissful place, the Atlas Mountains and Ourika Valley.   This is the perfect place to soak up a different side of Moroccan life, starting with visiting an exceptional garden where local women teach us how to make traditional bread in a wood-fired clay oven.  Then, we can see an Argan oil cooperative where they cultivate and press the nuts to create a variety of naturally beneficial culinary and cosmetic products. 

As I said, I like surprises, so prepare for some extraordinary experiences you won't find in a guidebook.

Moroccan cuisine is as sophisticated and diverse as its aromas and flavors. The food is truly a culmination of centuries of trade and cultural amalgamation, and the history associated with it shapes the way its people eat their favorite meals.  Starting with the Berbers over 2000 years ago, local ingredients, including olives, figs, and dates, were combined with lamb and poultry. Then, the Romans, Phoenicians, and Carthaginians introduced new recipes and ingredients. Ingredients were slowly braised in conical vessels called tagines to retain the succulent juices. Arabs brought new types of bread and introduced new spices such as cinnamon, ginger, saffron, and caraway to the region. The Jewish people introduced the Moroccan people to various pickling and preservation techniques for fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the Moors in southern Spain shared their sweet-and-sour combinations and delicious savory pies called pastilla. No wonder Moroccan food is so unique!

The kitchen is where we'll learn about traditional techniques and Morocco's rich culinary culture.

The kitchen is also where we can create delicious memories.  My Moroccan friends and I will teach you how to make classics, such as a four-step method to make the fluffiest couscous you can imagine. We'll also show you how to combine the area's incredible ingredients and spices to braise in a tagine over a charcoal fire in clay braziers!  We can also make a giant pastilla wrapped in the thinnest phyllo dough you've ever seen.  To round out our meals, we'll create colorful trios of salads with seasonal vegetables and sumptuous desserts, such as Sweet Bisteeya with Orange Blossom Custard and Almonds.

All of this might seem exotic, yet you'll be amazed at how easily you can use these techniques to bring the flavor to the table at home. 

The price for this tour is $6750.00 US per person, based on double occupancy. A deposit of $2000.00 US per person is required to register for this tour. Limited single occupancy rooms available and a single supplement charge of $2000.00 US applies for solo travelers. Please read the Terms and Conditions for details.

We strongly recommend trip insurance.  Policies vary, so be sure to review the details and make sure that it suits your needs.

Your tour begins with an evening reception and dinner on the first day and concludes with breakfast on the final day of your tour. We will arrange for your pickup at the Marrakech airport or Central Marrakech locations and will transport you directly to our accomodations at approximately 4pm on Day one.  We will transport the group to Marrakech Airport on the final day of the tour at approximately 9am on the final day.

We are committed to following Country, State and local health guidelines to the best of our ability during this tour.


  • Limited group size and carefully curated itinerary
  • Meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner (one exception) with wine
  • Accommodations for 6 nights
  • Hands on and demonstration cooking classes
  • Excurions, day trips and multilingual guides
  • Tastings
  • Transportation during the tour
  • Transfers from Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK) or central Marrkesh location to our Riad

Not Included:

  • Airfare is not included in the package price.
  • One dinner meal at a special location (optional)
  • Tips for services and hospitality
  • Trip insurance (optional, yet highly recommended)